Platform Art, Inc.

Platform Art is unique and non-traditional in its approach to exhibiting art and experiencing art in its many forms. Each show presents artwork and performances that ZING the imagination. Platform shakes off the old perceptions that “art is stuffy”. Platform Art is anything but stuffy. Come see for yourself.

As a leading local arts and entertainment organization, Platform Art is dedicated to showcasing emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, fashion performance, music and performance art.
Platform Art, Inc., a non-profit arts organization, is a community-conscious collaboration of artisans and art lovers whose ultimate goal is to showcase new and exciting talent in the fields of visual arts, film, fashion, music and performance.
It all began in San Francisco in 2002-2003. A group of out of work creative dot comers got together with an innovative idea of what viewing art could be. Well, not just viewing art, but experiencing art – visual art, film, fashion, sound & performance. And the art party events were born.


Phone:  (863) 838-2262

Address: C.V. McClurg Building, 105 South Florida Ave., 2nd Floor Lakeland, P O Box 1034, Lakeland, FL 33802-1034 


Twitter: @platformart

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