The first day of the work week will have a new ring to it when Music Munndays returns to Downtown Lakeland in March.

This third installment of free, live music weekly in Munn Park focuses primarily on Imperial Symphony Orchestra musicians, but also includes local singers and songwriters, says Christine Collister, ISO’s orchestra and office manager.

The concerts are 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and the lineup is as follows:

Lakeland Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Julie Townsend said the original goal was to get those who work downtown to come out from their offices and use the park during their lunch breaks.

“What it did was brought people from their homes, which was great,” Townsend said. “It gave people another opportunity to enjoy the park and the downtown in a way that they hadn’t before.”

There typically is no other opportunity to listen to live music in Munn Park unless it’s part of a bigger event. Music Munndays is casual, less crowded than First Friday or the Thursday Squared Food Truck Rally, and gives people an opportunity to pop in for a few minutes, listen to music and perhaps see some people they don’t normally see because it’s the middle of the day.

The live music series has helped make more people aware of the ISO, and it has positively impacted the organization’s general outreach and community involvement efforts, Collister said.

“The series also has been an amazing way to help showcase musicians, whether they are in the symphony or from throughout our area,” she said.

Music Munndays began in February 2016 and is hosted in partnership with the LDDA and the ISO.

In addition to live music, the LDDA brings board games and coloring pages for attendees.

Munn Park is located at 201 E. Main St.