image004.pngLakeland has been a designated Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community since 2012, and the city’s Community Development department recently completed the re-application to the League of American Bicyclists to renew the designation for another four years.  The League will make its decision in later this year.

This effort to re-apply began in May with the help of City of Lakeland intern Kimberly Middleton, and many city departments, state and county agencies, civic groups and community stakeholders from the bicycling community, says Rick Perez, a principal planner for the city. The effort also involved an extensive self-auditing process to articulate all the things that the Lakeland community has accomplished in terms of engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement and evaluation and planning for bicycles.

One significant addition since the city submitted its initial application in 2012 is the addition of the Swan City Cycles bicycle rental program.

“This application process gives us a greater awareness and appreciation of the many successes Lakeland and its many community partners have achieved in fostering a safe and enjoyable bicycling environment as well as identify new goals to strive for,” Perez says.

One outcome of this process is the development of the City of Lakeland Online Bicycle and Pedestrian Pathways Map Application to help bicyclists navigate the many trails, routes and other bicycle facilities throughout our community.  You can view the website here.

Another cool resource that the Bicycling in Lakeland local bicycle advocacy group recently produced is this informational video about Florida’s 3-Feet Passing Law.

Did you know that the Lakeland Metro Area has:Bicycle

New  bike facilities are coming soon:

Those interested in learning more about Lakeland’s Bicycle Friendly Community programing can visit this website.