Lake Mirror Historic Tour

March 21, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Kryger Park- Downtown Lakeland

latern“From Past to the Present,” with Presenter Stacy Smith is a tour of historic Lake Mirror held on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

This is the tale of a lake at the center of downtown Lakeland and the people, buildings and businesses that have graced its shores throughout the years. You will be guided along a leisurely half mile walking tour of local history where you will discover the many contributions that individuals have made to Lake Mirror and our community. We hope you share stories of your own and help continue this revolving walk through time.

Stacy Smith works for the City of Lakeland’s Parks and Recreation Department. He has been assigned to Hollis Garden since 2000 and serves there as a foreman. Stacy has conducted extensive research on the history surrounding Lake Mirror, including personal visits to the Filson Historic Society in Louisville, Kentucky, the home of two prominent Lakeland founders, Abraham Munn and John Morton.

Learn more about the city through this incredible tour, which begins meets at Main Street adjacent to Kryger Park and on top of the Loggia. Look for the Lantern!