The Downtown Lakeland Partnership uses events and public relations pieces, like the Upside of Downtown visitor’s guide, and social media to let the world know that we are “a little mecca of cool.” We rely on sponsorships, user fees, and memberships to fund these efforts. All you need to be a member of the DLP and support Downtown Lakeland is to join! But, we know you want to know what’s in it for you!

You want to know why you should join us, right?

Levels and Benefits of Membership

Besides being part of the amazingly cool phenomenon that is Downtown Lakeland, and supporting events like First Friday and Thursday Squared (Food Truck Rally), you do get to promote your business. Also, we’d love to meet with you face to face to discuss the benefits of joining the DLP as we are commonly referred to. Please email to meet with our executive director!

Interested in Joining Us?

First question: Are you a bricks & mortar business located within the boundaries of Downtown (see the map!)

If you are located inside the Downtown boundaries:

You may be a Partner and you get:

Your membership dues are based on the number of “full time equivalent employees” (FTEs) you have
in your business. To calculate FTEs, take the total number of hours worked by you and your staff each year and divide by 2,080 hours. Round up to the nearest whole number, because you can’t have part of a person.

1 to 3 FTEs = $200 per year
4 – 10 FTEs = $300 per year
11+ FTEs = $400 per year

Of course, you may always upgrade to a Gold member for only $500 per year for additional benefits of membership. (see below)

Gold Membership:

Any business, regardless of location, is welcome to join as a Gold member!

Not-for-Profit Organizations may join at the special $200 per year rate.
You must provide us with a current IRS letter of determination or copy of your not-for-profit certification.

To join the partnership:

1) Download and fill out application : Businesses Inside Downtown

2) Mail with a check to:

122 E. Main St,  #228
Lakeland FL 33801

or email to the application to and PAY MEMBERSHIP DUES ONLINE HERE

If you are located outside the Downtown boundaries you can still support the DLP by exhibiting at First Fridays, or sponsoring First Fridays or our other events, Thursday Squared Food Truck Rally, Holiday Walkabout and others.